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Outlast the Southern Texas summer in complete comfort thanks to our comprehensive AC repair, maintenance, and installation expertise. Get in touch today.

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Stay warm without breaking the bank with our insightful, detail-oriented approach to heating systems. Trust us with your furnace, boiler, and beyond. Call now.

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Your thermostat has two jobs — to keep you comfortable and use energy efficiently. If it’s having trouble, time is of the essence. Let us help.

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Our Commercial Services

We’re excited to be your partner in keeping your apartment complex, office building, or salon comfortable and smelling great. HVAC is foundational to your success, and there’s nothing we love more than eliminating it as a mental burden. With our maintenance, repair, and installation services, you just don’t have to worry any more. Best of all, we offer programs that protect you from emergency failures. Either way, we’re proud to play any supporting role in your day-to-day peace of mind.

In south Texas, we’re always looking for ways to beat the heat, and businesses can be a great way to find some relief. Did you know that summer blockbusters originally came into vogue because movie theaters were one of the first types of buildings to implement air conditioning? It’s hot all the time in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, don’t be “that” business, the one that doesn’t provide any kind of relief. By calling Miller Cooling and Heating for commercial HVAC services, we can ensure that your air conditioner is always running like it should. Don’t let a hot building chase your customers away! If extreme temperatures don’t drive away customers and employees, a bad stench certainly will. A building’s HVAC system is instrumental in maintaining indoor air quality. Air is constantly cycled and recycled through a vast series of ducts, condensers, and filters. If you’ve neglected your system for a long time, your filters might be clogged, and your ducts might be filled with nasty particulates and pollutants. This can cause a variety of problems, such as funky smells, allergic reactions, or even coughing and sneezing. It’s important for everyone to be vigilant about their air quality, but especially so if you run a business that’s open to the public.

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